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GUARDIAN GOLD is a gold secured crypto currency based on blockchain technology. GUARDIAN GOLD token holders can transfer funds to anyone on the planet in 15 seconds while knowing their currency is backed by gold.

GUARDIAN GOLD features a unique 15% Proof of Stake Reward to all GGT token holders. 15% of net proceeds from every new GGT token purchase is distributed to all GGT holders.

GUARDIAN GOLD tokens can be redeemed for physical gold at any time.

GUARDIAN GOLD charges NO transaction fees.

GUARDIAN GOLD charges NO gold storage fees.

Our Features

Advantage of the Project


Gold Backed



Proof of
Stake Reward

ERC-20 Token
on Ethereum Network

How to Buy GGT

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  • 01. Configure Ethereum Wallet

    Install an ethereum Wallet such as or .

  • 02. Fund Your Wallet With Ethereum Currency

    You can buy Ethereum using an online exchange such as .

  • 03. Connect to the Guardian Gold Exchange.

    Access the Guardian Gold Exchange Here:

  • 04. Enter the Amount of Ethereum you wish to spend.

    The exchange will calculate the amount of GGT tokens you will receive.

  • 05. Use your Ethereum Wallet to complete the transaction.

    After you hit BUY you will need to send the transaction using your Ethereum wallet.

  • 06. Monitor your Proof of Stake Reward account and withdraw Rewards.

    On the exchange you can monitor your Proof of Stake Reward account and periodically withdraw your Rewards to your Ethereum wallet.

Development of GUARDIAN GOLD
(Road Map)

  • 2018


    (April 2018)

    Market Research

    (April 2018 - October 2018)

  • 2019

    (1Q 2019)

    Launch of the Guardian Gold Token and Initial Gold Purchases

    (3Q 2019)

    Launch of
    Guardian Silver

    (4Q 2019)

    Launch of
    Guardian Card

    (1Q 2020)

    Launch of
    Guardian Platinum

Token Sales

Initial Round

Limit - 5,000 GGT

Proof of Stake Reward
Round 2

Limit - 20,000 GGT

Proof of Stake Reward

After the initial rounds tokens will be minted and pricing set based on market demand. Physical gold is purchased and vaulted for the newly minted GGT tokens within 7 days of each GGT purchase. 15% of every token purchase net of gold cost is distibuted to all GGT token holders.

Distribution of Proceeds Net of Gold Purchases






Proof of Stake Reward




Jimmy Busby


James B. (Jimmy) Busby is currently the President and Chief Pilot for Drobotik Sciences LLC. He is also the CEO of JSquared University, a company formed to assist entrepreneurs in starting, running, and growing businesses.

From 2010 until 2016, Jimmy was the President and CEO of CentraLite Systems Inc. During his tenure, the Company grew from $3M in annual revenue to $35M in both 2015 and 2016, the last two years of his tenure.

From 1997 to 2010, Jimmy was the Chief Technology Officer of CentraLite Systems Inc. Jimmy was also the co-founder of CentraLite.

Jimmy received degrees in both Aerospace Engineering and Finance from the University of Alabama in 1995.

Jimmy is also a private pilot holding multi engine and instrument ratings. He also holds an FAA part 107 Remote Pilot certificate which is a certification to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones)

Jim Busby


Mr. Jim Busby Started a company, QMS Inc. using a $10,000 loan in 1977, grew it to go Public for a valuation of about $100M in 1983, and listed it on the NYSE in 1986 under the ticker symbol AQM. In 1991, QMS achieved revenues of $305 Million and pre-tax profits of $26 Million. In 1997, Mr. Busby co-founded CentraLite Systems alongside Jimmy Busby, and grew it to be a worldwide leader in home automation achieving $35M in revenues in 2015 and 2016.

Mr. Busby also has a background in automation engineering at industrial companies prior to the formation of QMS. At its peak, QMS employed 1500 people, about half in the U.S. and half in Europe, Japan, and Australia. He retired from the New York Stock exchange listed company in 1997. In the summer of 1997, Mr. Busby and his oldest son James B. Busby (Jimmy) founded CentraLite Systems Inc., a manufacturer of lighting controls.

Mr. Busby served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam war and returned to private business in 1972. He served most of the time at the U.S. Army Security Agency First Field Station at Vint Hill Farms in Warrenton Virginia. He held a Top Secret Crypto security clearance and was awarded several service medals including the Meritorious Service Medal, and a cash award for money saving inventions during his tenure at Vint Hill Farms.

Don Parker


Dr. Parker has conducted research in high energy, elementary particle physics, and has served on numerous business, educational, and charitable boards and is also an avid astronomy enthusiast. His interest in and use of AI and multiple technologies in business applications have most recently culminated in several blockchain-based endeavors.

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